Friday, April 29, 2011

A long post !

Hey Peeps !
Be ready to get bored .. coz this will be a super long post .. with loads of things !!!!
First my layout .. 
Remember I had told you about my new project , that 50th Anniversary album ??
Here is another page from the collection .. Which is also vintage ! 
Used stamping , Distressing , Potpourri Flowers and twines !
Challenges -Yyam's Elizaveta's challenge 

Now the next topic ! 
My latest buys via Shubhra ! She is seriously my lovey dovey soul mate at this point of time !
Her parents went to USA , n we two teamed up and had ordered loads of stuff like brads , trimmer and paper pads . The papers had two or four each of designs .. so we basically shared it .. whoooo ! 
They are the most beautiful paper ever seen ! Best of Brenda Walton ! It was like a dream touching them ! 
I finally own a trimmer .. BYE BYE TO ALL THOSE UNEVEN LINES ! 
Its a good one .. also a good value one too . 
On global easy buy it is available for 1400 bucks ! And yes make a account soon .. use 250 rs Off coupon ! Wat better >>
This trimmer also scores .. Its fab ! 
Its a 12 by 15 inches Trimmer !!
Now the pictures !

Friday, April 22, 2011

Toadally Blog Hop

Welcome to the Toadally Frogs Blog Hop!  We have Toadally amazing crafters hopping along..
You should have come from Ellen Jarvis at Card Monkey and wasn't that a fun place to visit?  If you just happened to find us. And want to join in the fun, hop on back to Karel's Blog at to begin at the beginning.

Well my creation for this blog hop is toadally different . Its a project which I have been looking forward since years . I have made a scrapbook layout for a friends Grandparents 50th Anniversary . It is a remarkable event . 50 years of togetherness , love , faith , trust ! Isn't it toadally ossum ???

Unlike others there is no taod .. I m really sorry for that . 
As a candy , I will be sending a set of 5 cards , handmade of course . 
Please follow my blog and leave a comment if you want to be included into the draw ! 
Sorry for the delay 

Now Please Hop on to Inga Klaus at Momma Hobbit Creations at

She is toadally ossum !

Here's the complete list Incase you get lost 

(If there is a line through the person, they have had some difficulty posting...feel free to skip them.)

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Monday, April 18, 2011

The 50th Saga - elizabeth in Times

Hello Peeps ! 
How have you all been ??
Well this will be my last big project . I won't be creating for the next 1 -2 months . Exams are starting from 7th may and will continue till june ! 
We engineering students have to struggle alot in terms of exams . So many exams .. Internals + external :(
This is like one big scrapbook which is created for a friend's Grandparents 50th Anniversary . 
I personally loved this project as for a change I  am creating something fer some different purpose , that too such a remarkable one . Its a honor for me . 
In this project I have used almost every technique . Like every thing . Its a 7 page book .
The book has pictures which are literally 50 years old . 
These pictures were printed then . I loved creating it . 
I will be uploading pages one by one everyday . I don't want to become inactive so early . SCREW EXAMS! I hate them ! 
Challenges - 
-Yyam's Elizaveta's challenge 
Page 1 ( The cover page )

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Winner + Giveaway

Hi everyone ! 
How all of you have been ?
I am not doing so great as something devastating and pathetic has happened . 
All I need is your prayers .
I will be posting the winner of this giveaway today .
There were total 24 comments . The random generator picked up Comment no :4 
Check out her store too . Its doing a great job ! 
Also I m posting a new giveaway . 
All you have to do is comment below and follow my blog ( if you like ) . 
Its a surprise giveaway . Any thing can come down your way . 
Also I might give two chances . In short two people can win my candy . 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Complete Expression

Hello Friends ! 
I completed this project yesterday . It was an order from a friend . 
I m kinda feeling unwell and weak so I will keep it short and simple . 
Used almost everything , every technique from Stamping to Embossing ! 
This is called " Whiff of Joy and Expression "
Probably not my best but yes my Fav !
CIRCLE - A complete expression
These pieces of papers do bring a smile on my face ..
I love card making and yes dre are many mocking at me for my insane love for papers !
But still I am living it !
Coz i believe ! I enjoy !


I am also entering this card in a challenge at ujjwal's blog ! 
I have used simple stamping in this card and also embossing for the first time . 
I was always sacred about stamping and embossing .
This creation took a hell lot of time which also made me uncomfortable to complete it . 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A new post + Giveaway Winner

Hello Peeps ! 
Finally a post ! After a huge holiday with family YES YES I am back ! 
I hope all of you are in good and crafting spirits ! 
I Really missed this blogland . ICR is doing really great . I somehow cudnt make it in the Swap of this month:( 
There are so many things which I want to share with you guys. 
I finally got a sizzix embossing machine with few folders ( If any one of you has embossing folders on sale do tell me). I also got some other craft goodies which I will be using in my future prijects . I really want to thank all the lovely ladies down here who inspire me constanly and help me in improving my projects .I wonder without this blogland and you people from where on earth I would have discovered my passion . Thanx again !
 Also I can see so many new Indian Crafters on Blogland ! MY MY ! GHOSH SO MUCH OF TALENT ! Keep up the good work! 
Finally my mojo is working and today I am sharing a new card with you all . Its a brown color card .I have used minimal stuff in this card , just trying to keep it simple . 
I have used two free shapes by silhouette store . ( I love you silhouette sd ) 

A special thanks to MANSI DI , KARUNA DI , UJJWAL DI , ANANDHA STATIONARY for adding some more charm to my craft supplies . These great people are doing an amazing job by bringing all the craft gooodies to INDIA ( Foreingn Readers - India is NIL in terms of craft supplies ) .Kudos to all of them ! 
YES ! I know its 10th April and I m suppose to announce my candy winner ! 
After checking the entries and the eligiblility criteria fulfillment I am finally anouncing the winner of my Candy .
My candy goes to SHUBHRA JAIN ! 
Congo Bongo girl ! 
The other blog hop candy ! I will announce winner along with the bonus gift tomorrow (It is not going to be a big giveaway ) 
Now the good part ! To thank all the crafters over here I will be anouncing a new blog candy tomorrow . It is going to be a small blog candy as a token of love ! 
Looking forward to see you all there . 
I will sign off now .. Generally I don't have long posts  . I guess I am forgetting something to add on here . Will edit later 

Creations by Aola